ANMI - Advanced Nuclear Medicine Ingredients

ANMI SA is a precursor supplier for radiometal labeled radiopharmaceuticals and a global service provider in the nuclear medicine field, located in Liège, Belgium.

ANMI has developed innovative solutions to facilitate the synthesis of these theranostic radiopharmaceuticals and to ease their daily production in hospitals. These solutions are scalable and adaptable to a large range of peptide and non-peptide-based radiopharmaceutical precursors.

The company's expertise is based on a strong market and regulatory knowledge of the nuclear medicine area and can provide premium quality products and services.

ANMI's vision is focused on increasing patient access to new highly specific theranostic radiopharmaceuticals through straight forward and cost effective production processes.

Products & Services

  • Toward cold kits for PET ANMI has developed a new patented methodology for 68Ga tracer that will drastically reduces investment as no hardware is necessary for the production. HBED-CC-PSMA (PSMA-11 or DKFZ-11) is the first direct radiolabelling kit under development allowing the synthesis of 68Ga-labelled PSMA analogue within 10 min at room temperature.
  • Custom peptide synthesis ANMI has a strong expertise in peptide synthesis, and modification of peptides or antibodies focused at adding any linker and chelating agent.
  • Theranostic development services ​ANMI facility has all necessary equipment to handle 68Ga and other radio isotopes such as 177Lu, 64Cu, …. . ANMI's team has a very strong radiochemistry background allowing to support pharmaceutical companies to speed up new tracers' development. ANMI's patented methodology permitting labelling with68Ga through cold kit can be adapted to any new tracer. The development of cold kits for new tracers is definitely a key solution in order to facilitate the introduction to the market.
  • New theranostic cold kits ​ANMI's R&D team is working on several new tracers for different applications such as neuro endocrine tumors or prostate cancer for imaging and therapeutic applications.

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November 2015 - ANMI (Belgium) and GMS (CA, USA) signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the supply of ANMI’s products including PSMA-11 for diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Cambodia. Download the press release

October 2015 - ANMI and IC Medical signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the supply of ANMI’s products including PSMA-11 for diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in the Netherlands.

Download the press release

September 2015 - ANMI (BELGIUM) and Eczacibaşi - Monrol signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the supply of ANMI’s products including PSMA-11 for diagnosis and management of prostate cancer in 48 countries.

Download the press release


Headquarter address

Allée du 6 Août, 8
B-4000 LIEGE

+32 (0)4 366 3701

Photo Ludo

Ludovic Wouters

Managing Director and CEO

Ludovic is co-founder of ANMI, formerly industrial engineer in chemistry, he discovered the radiopharmaceutical field when he integrated the research team of the Cyclotron Research Center (Pr A. Luxen) at Liège university. He joined the Medical Diagnostic department of GE Healthcare in 2005 as a project leader then moved to Trasis for another 2 years.

+32 (0)485 162 658  

Photo Sam

Sam Voccia

Managing Director and CSO

Sam is co-founder of ANMI, holding a PhD in polymer and material chemistry (University of Liège). He moved to radiopharmaceutical science in 2005 when he joined the company Trasis, where he was in charge of the chemistry development in a multidisciplinary team for 8 years.

+32 (0)477 813 553

Photo Geoffroy

Geoffroy Kaisin

Head of Chemistry

Geoffroy owns a Master in Chemistry in the radiopharmaceutical field. He is a National Fund for Scientific Research (NFSR) granted research fellow, and also a FELASA (Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations) Class C certified scientist.

Photo Marc

Marc Léonard

QA Manager - QP

Marc is a radio-pharmacist, Industrial pharmacist and qualified person (QP). He was strongly involved in the development of quality assurance (QA) system at the Cyclotron Research Center of the University of Liège. He consolidated his knowledge by working for Baxter Bioscience and the National Institute of Radio-Elements (IRE). Marc is also visiting Professor in radiopharmacology for the Hautes Ecoles de la Province de Liège.

Photo Gabriel

Gabriel Bolland

Supply Chain Manager

Gabriel owns a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry. He has also a strong experience in logistics and supply chain in the radiochemical field.

Photo Joana

Joana Brilhante

Head of Clinical Development

Joana has a background in Nuclear Medicine imaging and a Masters of Science in Clinical Research. She worked in clinic and has directed her career towards industry working in the management of imaging operations in multicenter clinical trials. She has also been involved in the clinical development of novel PET tracers in EU and US markets.